FRED Watch Episode 16: Beautiful Thing (1996)


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For this month’s FRED Watch podcast, Wayne introduces Phillip and special guest Kendall to his all-time favourite queer film—Beautiful Thing (1996).

Groundbreaking in its representation of a same-sex relationship between two teenagers, will the team still find Jamie and Ste’s love story a beautiful thing?

Listen to their review here:


Check out the theatrical trailer:

Starring: Glen Berry, Scott Neal, Linda Henry, Ben Daniels, Tameka Empson, Jeillo Edwards, Anna Karen, Sophie Stanton, Julie Smith, Terry Duggan, Garry Cooper, Daniel Bowers.

Director: Hettie MacDonald | Writer: Jonathan Harvey | Producers: Tony Garnett, Bill Shapter | Music: John Altman | Cinematographer: Chris Seager | Editor: Don Fairservice

Available: DVD.


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