Friday Nights @ FRED’s/A Podcast Called FREDWrap up your week with Friday Nights at Fred’s’ and A Podcast Called FRED, FTA podcasts, for all your Nerdy and Fred related news.




The Monthly @ WiniFRED's


The Monthly @ WiniFRED’s: The Ladies at WiniFRED’s Fulya Kantarmaci and Kendall Richardson, talk about different topics in pop-culture once a month.




FRED Watch


FRED Watch: Listen to our resident FRED Heads as they review everything from the mainstream to the obscure.



Audio SkitsFrom tickled funny bones to deep meanderings, Audio Skits is the place for all your off brand needs.

Behind the Scenes: Check out behind the scenes from our production cast and crew.

Or for all our audio goodness, head to our Soundcloud

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