FRED Watch Episode 27: Look Both Ways (2005)


Wayne introduces Wayne and special guest Kendall to the award-winning independent Australian film Look Both Ways (2005)…

Madman Entertainment

Listen to their review here:


Check out the Movie Show review here.


Starring: William McInnes, Justine Clarke, Anthony Hayes, Lisa Flanagan, Andrew Gilbert, Daniella Farinacci, Maggie Dence, Edwin Hodgeman, Andreas Sobik, Alex Rafalowicz, Sacha Horler, Robbie Hoad, Mary Kostakidis.

Director/Writer: Sarah Watt | Producers: Andrew Myer, Barbara Masel, Bridget Ikin, Vicki Sugars | Music: Amanda Brown, Ashley Klose | Cinematographer: Ray Argall | Editor: Denise Haratzis



Available: DVD.

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