FRED Watch Episode 14: Malcolm (1986)


Cascade Films / Hoyts / Umbrella Entertainment

For this month’s FRED Watch podcast, Wayne introduces Phillip to the Australian cult classic comedy Malcolm (1986).

A nostalgic favourite for Wayne and featuring one of Australian cinema’s most iconic moments, will Phillip’s sides split for this crime caper?

Listen to their review here:


CLICK HERE TO WATCH Margaret Pomeranz summarise the appeal of Malcolm on an episode of The Movie Show. The film had just been nominated for eight AFI (now AACTA) Awards, all of which it went on to win.


Check out the theatrical trailer:

Starring: Colin Friels, John Hargreaves, Lindy Davies, Chris Haywood, Charles (Bud) Tingwell.

Director: Nadia Tass | Writer/Cinematographer: David Parker | Producers: David Parker, Nadia Tass | Music: Paul Coppens, Simon Jeffes | Editors: Ken Sallows


Available: DVD and YouTube.


Let us know what you thought of this film in the comments!


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