A Podcast Called FRED #33

Join Kendall and special guests Fulya and Wayne for the latest in pop culture and entertainment news in the podcast that refuses to behave.

Kendall is sick again, Fulya got her mum back, and Wayne can’t get over a cinematic experience from nine years ago. Get ready for an episode packed with tangents, rants, anecdotes, and a reflection to Dan Quayle’s spelling of ‘potato’—it’s A Podcast Called FRED!

Nerdy News includes:

  • Matt Smith joins Star Wars Episode IX cast in an undisclosed role;
  • Dwayne Johnson starring in Big Trouble in Little China sequel;
  • Emmy Rossum announces departure from Shameless
  • and more!

Trailer Park discussions:

This week, the team solve the mathematics problem that hurt Phillip’s head and also discuss which films and TV series they would like to see a prequel to, including responses from you!


Remember to let us know your response to the Popcorn Culture question to be featured in next week’s episode of A Podcast Called FRED!



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