What the internet taught us this week… #5


Hey, internet, you’re still caught up on the idea of President Trump, yeah? Well, it doesn’t look like much else has mattered lately⎯unless, of course, it’s about Vice President Joe Biden. This is what the internet taught us this week…


#1: Newspapers around the world reacted with shock, horror, and an impressive amount of creativity to Donald Trump nabbing the U.S. presidency. Le Journal de Québec had a ripper of a headline but it was The Daily Telegraph that gave us the best of the bunch!


Newspapers from around the world report on Donald Trump’s surprise victory. (Images are courtesy of the respective newspapers pictured)

Read: More about it here.


#2: Cartoonists also had a field day regarding Trump’s victory…


The media, whose predictions regarding the outcome of the election brought its credibility into question, fought back. (Images: http://www.twitter.com)

See: More cartoons here.


#3: The internet also fell in love with Vice President Joe Biden, who was the source of a string of memes.


The end of Joe Biden’s time as veep might be his most popular! (Images: http://www.viralthread.com)

See: More Joe Biden memes here.



Future Vice President of the United States, Mr. Joe Biden.(Image: https://twitter.com/caaandxce)

#4: And while we’re speaking of Joe Biden, the internet swooned over him and collectively wished it had a time machine.

Twitter user @caaandxce stated that she would text the young Biden at 1.27am, while @MichaelVarrati commented that he would text Biden now for ‘helping pass marriage equality’.

Ensuing comments to the photo ranged from praising Biden to sexually harassing him.

See: The original post and comment thread here.

Read: Why The Huffington Post thinks this photo is ‘a big f**king deal’ here.

Follow: Joe Biden on Twitter.


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