What the internet taught us this week… #4


Burying the plebiscite, voting on a Tuesday, and sporting underdogs coming out on top, here’s some of the things the internet taught us this week…


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull rested his hopes that a marriage equality plebiscite was inevitable, but a majority of the LGBTI+ community do not want one… and the Senate reflected this on Monday night. (Image: Sydney Morning Herald)

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#1: The Australian Senate has rejected the Turnbull Government’s marriage equality plebiscite bill, voting it down in the Upper House thirty-three votes to twenty-nine. Labor, the Greens, Nick Xenophon Team, and Derryn Hinch joined forces to reject the $200 million plebiscite. The Liberal/National Coalition, the One Nation Party, the Liberal Democrat, and senators David Leyonhjelm and Jacqui Lambie, on the other hand, felt that the civil rights of the diverse LGBTI+ community should not be inalienable and needed to be decided by the majority of the population.

Read: More about it here.



The United States has voted for their president on a Tuesday since 1845. (Image: http://www.uselectionsday.com/)

#2: There’s a reason why U.S. elections are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November, which is why this year’s election is held on the second Tuesday⎯phew!

In 1845, trips to the ballot were long journeys for many voters, who arrived via horse and buggy. Because the weekend was for worship and therefore not an option, citizens could leave home on the Monday, allowing them plenty of time to reach the voting booth on Tuesday, and be home in time for market day on the Wednesday.

Read and Watch: More about it here.



…And the party’s just beginning at the Melbourne Cup. (Photo: Getty Images)

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#3: The race that stops a nation, the Melbourne Cup, has once again brought our beloved city to the world stage! Frocked- and suited-up attendees cemented us as the Trash Bag Mecca of the world! Apparently, there were horse races throughout the day too.

See: More photos here.


#4: The year of the underdogs continues, with the Chicago Cubs winning their first World Series in 108 years! They defeated the Cleveland Indians, 8-7.

Watch: The Cubs’ victory here.


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#5: Among other things, Chuckie Finster suffers from coulrophobia.

Watch: Rugrats, Season 3 on Stan.


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