Friday Nights @ FRED’s #28: Cars Will Kill Us

fnf-28The boys are back! While Kendall is still jet-setting, Michael and Phillip argue their way through the Nerdy News, Trailer Park, and Popcorn Culture segments of this week’s Friday Nights @ FRED’s and provide us with a rant or two.

This week’s point of discussion was about self-driving cars:

If you could program a self-driving car, what morals would you instil? In a scenario where your car must decide who lives and dies, who would you permit it to kill?

The question struck a chord―so much so that our listeners refused to pick a side even after taking the moral machine test.

From the Will & Grace reunion to Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King, and giving an overdue so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night to Charmian Carr, best known to film fanatics as The Sound of Music‘s Lisel, here is your pop culture round-up!

CLICK HERE to listen to Friday Nights @ FRED’s #28―Cars Will Kill Us.

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