5 Things To Do in Melbourne If You’re Not a Footy Fanatic



Despite the sheer thrill of seeing underdogs (no pun intended) Western Bulldogs defeating the mighty Sydney Swans and nabbing their second premiership, not everyone is excited about the AFL Grand Final.

So, as Victorians gather for the state’s most significant sporting (and, for some, religious) event, here is a list of some alternative, creative activities to get you excited about if Aussie Rules isn’t your thing…



While your family and friends are at the stadium, local pub, or causing a ruckus in the lounge with a stubby in hand, lock yourself in a quiet room, get inspired by the literary greats, and finally write that poetic masterpiece you’ve always wanted to put to paper.


There’s a reason why there’s four quarters (including a lengthy half-time), and that’s so you can read out your masterpiece. Don’t worry, your family, friends, and their guests aren’t interested in watching the commercials anyway and will be grateful that you’ve made them that little more cultured… we promise!

3Okay, you’ve been given the hint that your cultured spirit won’t be appreciated as the Bulldogs battle it out against the Swans in an interstate rivalry to match the most colossal of confrontations. Head down to the Melbourne Museum and check out Jurassic World: The Exhibition. It’s squarely aimed at the under-twelves and you will feel pressured to strike an oh-wow-I’m-so-scared-of-the-dinosaur-that’s-as-high-as-the-top-of-the-esculator pose before entering, but there’s no mistaking the mastery of the animanimatronics before your eyes. Big crowds make the exhibition difficult to appreciate, with crying tots and eager parents taking photos of their youngsters, so it’s your judgement call if Grand Final Day is the best time to visit.

Overall, the admission ticket is too high for the experience provided, so if you’re a budding paleontologist and need to get Jurassic World out of your system, stick around and explore the rest of the museum while you’re there―you’ll find lots of free and interesting additional exhibitions.

Jurassic World: The Exhibition ends on Sunday, 2 October 2016. Tickets range from $22 (child) to $34 (adult), with other options available. Book your session time and tickets HERE.

4Need somewhere quiet to hang out that’s not a library? (Hey, what do you have against our great library?!) The National Gallery of Victoria is a fantastic spot to appreciate local and international artwork, including Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s magnificent The Banquet of Cleopatra and Pablo Picasso’s The Weeping Woman. We may not have Michelangelo’s David, but most of the exhibitions are free.


Of course a FRED list is going to include a trip to the theatre! Melbourne is Australia’s home of musical theatre, live art, independent, and experimental performances. From Matilda the Musical at the Princess Theatre to the final Melbourne Fringe Festival shows, there’s so many brilliant things to see and experience on stage.

A Simpsons marathon also seems like a good idea all of a sudden…


Images: Gracie Films / 20th Television / Fox

Come on, you know you want to! The AFL Grand Final kicks off on 1 October 2016 at 2.30pm (televised on the Seven Network, Australia). And if that’s wet your appetite, there’s also the NRL Grand Final the following day…

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