FRED Watch Halloween 2020 Special: Cujo (1983)


Taft Entertainment / Sunn Classic Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures / PSO International

On this Halloween special, Wayne introduces special guest Kendall to the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s bestseller, Cujo (1983).

A slow-burner that has more depth than what its narrative framework would normally permit, the team discuss if Lewis Teague‘s cult classic still has bite…

Listen to their review here:

Check out the trailer here:

Starring: Dee Wallace, Danny Pintauro, Daniel Hugh-Kelly, Christopher Stone, Ed Lauter, Kaiulani Lee, Billy Jacoby, Mills Watson, Jerry Hardin, Sandy Ward, Arthur Rosenberg, Clare Torao [credited as Claire Nono]

Director: Lewis Teague | Producers: Robert Singer, Daniel H. Blatt | Writers: Don Carlos Dunaway, Barbara Turner [credited as Lauren Currier] (based on the novel by Stephen King) | Music: Charles Bernstein | Cinematographer: Jan de Bont | Editor: Neil Travis

Available: DVD, Blu-ray, GooglePlay, and YouTube.

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