FRED Watch Flashback: Doctor Who: Resurrection of the Daleks (1984)



Phillip and Mikey discuss the fourth serial of the twenty-first season of Doctor Who, Resurrection of the Daleks.

Marking the final regular appearance of companion Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding) and the return of extraterrestrial mutant race the Daleks, who had been absent from the screen for five years, the Doctor (Peter Davison) is forced to the London docklands on present-day Earth where a bomb squad watches over some strange alien canisters…

Warning: Contains spoilers. Check out their review here:

Starring: Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, Terry Molloy, Rodney Bewes, Rula Lenska, Maurice Colbourne, Jim Findley, Sneh Gupta, William Sleigh, Leslie Grantham, Chloe Ashcroft, Del Henney, Philip McGough, Roger Davenport, John Adam Baker, Linsey Turner, Brian Miller (voice), Royce Mills (voice), John Scott Martin, Cy Town, Tony Starr, Toby Byrne.

Director: Matthew Robinson | Writer/Script Editor: Eric Saward | Producer: John Nathan-Turner | Incidental Music Composer: Malcolm Clarke

Available: DVD

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