FRED Watch ANZAC Day 2019 Special: Horrible Histories: Frightful First World War Special (2014)


Lion Television

On this ANZAC Day, Phillip introduces Wayne to the TV special, Horrible Histories: Frightful First World War.

The boys discuss the power of humour when educating young people about World War One… and get caught up in bodily functions too!


Listen to their review here:


Check out a scene here:

Starring: Tom Stourton, Jessica Ransom, Jalaal Hartley, John Eccleston.

Directors: Simon Gibney, Ian Curtis | Writers: Dave Cohen, Gerard Foster, Caroline Norris, Giles Pilbrow, Steve Punt, Laurence Rickard, Ben Ward (based on the book by Terry Deary) | Theme music: Richie Webb, Matt Katz

Available: DVD

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