FRED Watch Episode 13: Thunderbirds Are Go (1966)


Century 21 Cinema Productions / Associated Television / United Artists

The FRED Watch boys are back for 2019, reviewing everything from the obscure to the mainstream!

Phillip brings Thunderbirds Are Go (1966) to Wayne; the first big screen rendition of the popular supermarianation television series. But the boys discover that the film suffers from poor pacing, meaningless plot points, and what would have to be one of cinema’s longest and weirdest wet dreams… involving Cliff Richard and The Shadows.

Listen to their review here:


Check out the theatrical trailer:

Starring: Sylvia Anderson, Ray Barrett, Alexander Davion, Peter Dyneley, Christine Finn, David Graham, Paul Maxwell, Neil McCallum, Bob Monkhouse, Shane Rimmer, Charles Tingwell, Jeremy Wilkin, Matt Zimmerman.

Director: David Lane | Writers: Gerry and Sylvia Anderson (based on Thunderbirds by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson) | Producer: Sylvia Anderson | Music: by Barry Gray | Songs: Cliff Richard and The Shadows | Cinematographer: Paddy Seale, John Read | Editors: Len Walter

Available: Blu-ray.


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