FRED Watch World AIDS Day Special: Philadelphia (1993)


Clinica Estetico / TriStar Pictures

On this World AIDS Day, Wayne introduces Phillip to one of the most significant mainstream Hollywood films in queer cinema history, Philadelphia.

While acknowledging that the film has its flaws, the boys were moved by its message and the film’s effectiveness to capture a period driven by fear.

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Starring: Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Jason Robards, Mary Steenburgen, Antonio Banderas, Joanne Woodward, Robert W. Castle, Ann Dowd, Charles Napier, Roberta Maxwell, Daniel von Bargen, Karen Finley, Robert Ridgely, Bradley Whitford, Ron Vawter, Anna Deavere Smith.

Director: Jonathan Demme | Producers: Jonathan Demme, Edward Saxon | Writer: Ron Nyswaner | Music: Howard Shore | Cinematographer: Tak Fujimoto | Editor: Craig McKay

Available: Blu-ray and stan.


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