UNI-Bums: With Benefits

Nothing suss going on here as Sydney (Michael R. Lister) tries to execute the perfect social security rort with Jenny (Bethany Griffiths) and Bucket Head (Phillip Hunting) playing along with the scheme, whether they like it or not!

Check out the 2018 limited season premiere of UNI-Bums ⬇️


Starring: Michael R. Lister, Bethany Griffiths, Phillip Hunting, Ben Campbell, Fulya Kantarmaci, Ash Hall.

Director: Bethany Griffiths | Writer: Michael R. Lister | Producers [uncredited]: Bethany Griffiths, Phillip Hunting, Fulya Kantarmaci, Michael R. Lister, Wayne Stellini | Cinematographer/Editor: Fulya Kantarmaci


What did you think of the Bums’ scheme? Let us know in the comments!


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