A Podcast Called FRED #41

Join Kendall, Fulya, and Wayne for the latest in pop culture and entertainment news in the podcast that refuses to behave—it’s A Podcast Called FRED!

Nerdy News includes:

  • Katherine Langford cast in Avengers 4 and Alan Tudyk cast as Joker in the Harley Quinn animated series;
  • Lucasfilm scraps the Boba Fett film;
  • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon to be written out of The Simpsons;
  • LeBron James wants to produce a Friday the 13th reboot;
  • and more!

Trailer Park discussions:

Quickie Reviews:

  • First Man
  • Netflix’s Naked

Popcorn Culture:

  • This week, the team discuss which movies they watched on repeat throughout their childhood—including responses from you!

Check out A Podcast Called FRED #41 ⬇️

Remember to let us know your response to the Popcorn Culture question so you can be featured in next week’s episode of A Podcast Called FRED!


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