A Podcast Called FRED #29

Promo pic from the latest Terminator film! (Image: twitter.com/terminator)

Join Kendall and special guests Fulya and Wayne as they deliver the latest in nerdy news and geeky goodness in the pop culture podcast that refuses to behave—A Podcast Called FRED.

Nerdy News includes:

  • James Gunn
  • The latest addition to the Terminator franchise
  • McDonald’s Monopoly

Trailer Park discussions:

This week, the team discuss animated shows that should NEVER be turned into live-action films, featuring suggestions from you!



Drinking Game: A shot for every time Wayne trolls Kendall by bagging Marvel/the MCU. Cheers!

Recommended: Check out and subscribe to animunch


Remember to let us know your response to the Popcorn Culture question to be featured in next week’s episode of A Podcast Called FRED!



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