FRED Watch Flashback: Gallipoli (1981)


Associated R&R Films / Roadshow Film Distributors

Phillip and Mikey revisit an Australian classic story of mateship and heroism, Peter Weir’s Gallipoli.

Check out their review here:

Starring: Mark Lee, Mel Gibson, Bill Kerr, Harold Hopkins, Charles Yunupingu, Ron Graham, Gerda Nicolson, Robert Grubb, Tim McKenzie, David Argue, Steve Dodd, Robyn Galwey, Don Quin, Phyllis Burford, Marjorie Irving, Bill Hunter, Diane Chamberlain, Peter Ford, Geoff Parry, John Morris, Stan Green, Max Wearing.

Director: Peter Weir | Producers: Patricia Lovell, Robert Stigwood | Writer: David Williamson (Story: Peter Weir) | Music: Brian May | Cinematographer: Russell Boyd | Editor: William M. Anderson

Available: DVD

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