FRED Watch Episode 3: Oh! What a Lovely War (1969)


Paramount Pictures.

Phillip introduces Wayne to one of his all-time favourite  films—World War I: The Musical! Will Wayne sing along to Oh! What a Lovely War?

Listen to their review here:


Check out one of their favourite scenes here:

Starring: Dirk Bogarde, Phyllis Calvert, Jean Pierre Cassel, John Clements, John Gielgud, Jack Hawkins, John Mills, Kenneth More, Laurence Olivier, Michael Redgrave, Vanessa Redgrave, Ralph Richardson, Maggie Smith, Susannah York.

Director: Richard Attenborough | Producers: Len Deighton, Brian Duffy | Writer: Len Deighton [uncredited] (based on Oh, What a Lovely War! by Gerry Raffles in partnership with Joan Littlewood, from The Long Long Trail by Charles Chilton) | Cinematographer: Gerry Turpin | Editor: Kevin Connor

Available: DVD

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