FRED @ Fringe Update #16

From the Director..

“8” is significant in numerology. There is something infinite about it, something about the never-ending karmic cycle that serves as a reminder to do your best for yourself and others.

I think artists tend to have this principle in the back of their minds. I know I have. How can I best serve the story? How can I best engage the audience? When putting on a show like Michael and Phillip Are Getting Married in the Morning, its relevance, though unintentional, cannot be forgotten.

But in 8 days we will land our feet firmly on the ground and begin a show run that will end, but there is no telling if what may resonate with our audience ever will.

It will not be long until I am looking back on the whole experience, thinking about what contribution (if any) our small show may have made to a discussion filled with such loud and prominent voices.

I will have to get back to you on that one, but what I can tell you now, is that it would not be possible without 8 significant people…






and, the person who has been there from the very beginning, PHILLIP HUNTING.

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Wayne Stellini is an executive member of the FRED the ALIEN Productions team. He has written and directed episodes of UNI-Bums, and produced FRED’s stage debut, The Writer, in 2016.

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