FRED @ Fringe Update #14

From the Director…

The dedicated cast of Michael and Phillip Are Getting Married in the Morning jump straight into rehearsals.

I love this photo. If you have been following FRED the ALIEN Productions on social media, you would have come across it before. Just over a month ago, in fact.

At first sight, it perhaps does not look any different to the onslaught of images we have shared as part of our online marketing campaign, but this particular one will always be one of my favourites.

Only a few months ago, the different pairings of actors you see here had never met one another. And yet, here they are working together without any instruction from me. David and Hayden are running lines⎯perhaps from one of their scenes together; Jeffrey is helping Ben recall his dialogue; and Ryan and Anna are in the middle of rehearsing their first scene as a feuding duo.

At the beginning of every rehearsal session, the cast are given time to catch-up, get into costume, ask me any questions, have a bite to eat… whatever they need to do before we get into things. So, it is always a lovely thing to see them get straight into it. It shows how much they care.

Processes for Michael and Phillip Are Getting Married in the Morning are generally long: The auditions alone took a few weeks. (Hayden’s went for around ninety minutes and I am sure Ryan’s second round audition lasted for up to two hours, if not longer.) And by the time audiences sit down to watch the show, the cast would have been workshopping, learning lines, and rehearsing for twenty exhausting weeks. They might be tired, but there is still lots of energy lurking within them.

Admittedly, the last few weeks have been a particularly challenging time for FRED, but we will continue to push through the obstacles presented to us so that we may deliver a spectacular show. We owe it to our audience, our backers, and, as I am reminded when I look at this picture, we owe it to our dedicated cast.

I love this photo.


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Wayne Stellini is an executive member of the FRED the ALIEN Productions team. He has written and directed episodes of UNI-Bums, and produced FRED’s stage debut, The Writer, in 2016.

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