FRED @ Fringe Update #3

Ryan Stewart and Bethany Griffiths, exploring the nuances of their characters in an improvisation exercise.

From the Director…

It was at this time last year that FRED the ALIEN Productions announced our first foray into theatre with The Writer. One year on, and we’re well and truly onto the next adventure, where we’ve taken a step from the black box theatre styling of The Writer to challenge ourselves further with a more detailed set design and a bigger performance space.

The cast of Michael and Phillip Are Getting Married in the Morning began getting a feel for the dimensions of their future stage this week; we mapped it out with tape at our FRED the ALIEN rehearsal venue.

The team focused on interacting with one another in a more intimate manner than ever before. They were also able to move around the marked-out space that represented Michael and Phillip’s respective apartments.

Jeffrey Bryant Jones and David McNamara run through an intense scene as father and son reunite.

Our set designer, Melbourne artist Chloe Rich, is already brainstorming ideas on how to turn a bare stage into two distinctive homes without making it a logistical (or financial!) nightmare. But, for now, cast members are relying on imagination to maneuver around a bare space until some impressive backdrops materialise and we give them some props to play with.

As Chloe and her team start creating elements for a visual space, the cast continue to become one with their characters, understanding their nuances, speech, and aesthetic. What an extraordinary process!

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Wayne Stellini is an executive member of the FRED the ALIEN Productions team. He has written and directed episodes of UNI-Bums, and produced FRED’s stage debut, The Writer, in 2016.

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