ICYMI: Friday Nights @ FRED’s #43

fnf-generic-imageIn case you missed it, the Friday Nights @ FRED’s team summarise the past seven days in pop culture.

A little delirious, Kendall, Michael, and Phillip refuse to behave themselves, sorting through news and rumours before indirectly serving notice to a FRED the ALIEN intern. (Update: The intern is still with us! -Management)

With amazing feedback from you, the team discuss this week’s ‘Popcorn Culture’ question:

Which actor’s portrayal of Batman do you like the most and why?

Listen to Friday Nights @ FRED’s #43: ‘Who’s Your BATMAN?!’, if only for Phillip’s impersonation of his mother, Lesley: https://soundcloud.com/fredthealienproductions/fridaynightsatfreds-43


Van Wayne

Bruce Wayne’s younger cousin, Van. (Image: DC)

Post Script:

In answer to Phillip’s question in the podcast, Vanderveer ‘Van’ Wayne is cannon (Earth-One) – but, of course, it is complicated – and is a young cousin of Bruce Wayne. Because Bruce’s father Thomas’s only sibling is Philip, who didn’t have children, Van cannot be Bruce’s first cousin. His only comic book appearance was in the ‘Batman #148’ (June, 1962) story ‘The Boy Who Was Robin’. He was created by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff.

Due to the decimation of the DC Multiverse in the Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985-1986) series,Van was removed from existence. However, Convergence prevented the decimation retrospectively, saving all alternate realities (including Van’s) in an ‘evolved’ form.

For the latest in pop culture news and views, listen to Friday Nights @ FRED’s with Kendall, Michael, and Phillip every Friday evening. In the meantime, have your binge on SoundCloud and remember to rate and review us on iTunes. 👽

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