What the internet taught us this week… #8


We’ve been mourning a lot of pop culture and entertainment figures this month. What’s with that, December‽ At least the internet was there to lift us up when we needed it.



Malta’s LGBTI+ community have enjoyed some of the most progressive reforms in Europe since the election of Partit Laburista Prime Miniser, Dr. Joseph Muscat. (Image: primeminster.gov.mt)


Malta becomes the first European nation to make so-called ‘gay cure’ therapy illegal

The Maltese parliament unanimously approved a bill that sought to make ‘curing’ homosexuality illegal. Those found trying to ‘change, repress or eliminate a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression’ are liable to serve a gaol sentence or fines up to €10,000 (14,353 AUD).

Based on size (316 km2), population density (8th highest in the world), and number of churches (359; that is, approximately one for every 1240 people), the Republic of Malta is quite easily one of the most religious countries in the world. With a population of whom 98% identify as Roman Catholic, Malta is building a reputation as one of the best European countries that respects LGBTI+ rights. This social progression has enjoyed a continued momentum since the election of Labour Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in 2013.

Read about it here.



Farewell to familiar faces

This week saw a number of talented entertainers, ingrained and immortalised in pop culture, pass away. Thank you for the tears, the laughs, the scares, and the thrills. What memories we have because of you!

Those who left us last week included American actors Don Calfa (aged 76)  and Margaret Whitton (67), as well as British actor Peter Vaughan (93). The internet also paid tribute to German-born British actor Andrew Sachs (86) and American actor Alice Drummond (88), who had died in late November.


Actors Don Calfa, Margaret Whitton, Peter Vaughan, Andrew Sachs, and Alice Drummond. (Images: Hemdale Film Corporation / A Greenberg Brothers / Orion Pictures; Morgan Creek Productions / Mirage Productions / Paramount Pictures; HBO; BBC; Black Rhino / Delphi Productions / Columbia Pictures)


It appears that Donald Trump prefers tape to his own brand of tie clips! (Image: Getty)


And these speak for themselves…

The internet couldn’t cope that Donald Trump uses tape to keep his tie together!

Read about it here.


We also learned that some names are against the law in the Australian state of Victoria!

It is forbidden to name your child relating to some religious, regal, political, and military terminology. Banned names include: Messiah, Prince, Minister, and Anzac.

See more banned names here.


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