What the internet taught us this week… #2


Arshad Khan serving hot tea. (Image: Javiera Ali’s Instagram account)

Because they have the internet on computers now, we’re able to learn new things. Here’s what the internet taught us this week…

Politics →

#1: It doesn’t matter that Arshad Khan is doing his best to earn a living, the important thing is that he is beautiful, right? While most focused on the chai wala‘s gaze, this picture tells a thousand words, beginning with sexism, racism, and class division.

Nice to know you don’t discriminate when it comes to objectification, internet. But, as Khan put it, ‘You can’t do anything when you are poor.’

Read: The full story here.


#2: The third and final U.S. presidential debates happened⎯appropriately⎯in Sin City! We didn’t get another Ken Bone, but we got name calling, arguments, and a headache. Here is what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s respective arguments boiled down to:

Read: About it here.


#3: Not everyone was happy with Wonder Woman’s appointment as an Honourary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. Dozens of United Nations staffers literally turned their back to the commemoration of Wonder Woman’s title, held at the Economic and Social Council chamber, in protest.

Read: The full story here.



William Shakespeare was the most prominent author on the list. (Image: http://www.biography.com)

Art →

#4: 125 famous American and British authors (because who else matters, yeah?) have compiled a list of their favourite books. Unsurprisingly, British bard William Shakespeare was the most featured author.

The basis of W. W. Norton & Company’s The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books, the publication is a great source of discussion and debate. How many of the texts are relevant today? How many are still widely read? Is what hasn’t been selected more important than what has?

We love a good literature debate!

Read: About it here. Buy: The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books here.


#5: Think that Shakespeare wrote all of his work? Think again! New proof came to light this week that Christopher Marlowe co-wrote three of the Bard’s plays. Something for literary nerds and conspiracy theorists to meditate on!

Read: The full story here.


#6: Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye are two of the most exciting spoken word poets on the scene. They are not only amazing at what they do, but their poetry makes the medium both accessible and appealing to those who would not have otherwise thought of experiencing this form of storytelling!

No further explanation required⎯just watch them here, performing ‘When Love Arrives’ at Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre:

Follow: Sarah Kay on Twitter and Phil Kaye on Twitter.



(Image: Victoria University)

#7: Speaking of all things art, Offset creative arts journal launched its sixteenth edition, showcasing emerging talent from Melbourne’s west and beyond. FRED the ALIEN made our return to the journal with UNI-Bums: Killing Time as part of the publication’s multimedia component and our resident poet, Wayne Stellini, also has three pieces featured.

Watch: ‘UNI-Bums: Killing Time’ here. Read: ‘Silhouette Demons of Mine’ here. Read: ‘All This Time’ here. Read: ‘My Father Told Me’ here. Buy: Offset Sixteen here (inquiries). (These links may be valid until 1 October 2017.)


Television →

#8: Chuckie Finster is scared of the man on the oatmeal box!

Watch: Rugrats, Season 3 on Stan.


#9: The seventh season premiere of The Walking Dead has left some fans walking away from the series due to the episode’s excessive violent content. We won’t go into any more detail⎯this is a spoiler-free zone.


(Image: AMC Studios / Circle of Confusion / Skybound Entertainment / Valhalla Entertainment / Idiot Box Productions)

Read: The full story here (article contains plot and story spoilers). Watch: The Walking Dead on Foxtel.


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