FN@F Question of the Week: Pick Your Future


It’s your choice: Star Trek utopia or Mad Max dystopia?

Michael and Phillip are back tomorrow evening with an all-new Friday Nights @ FRED’s podcast! They’ll be wrapping up the past week’s pop culture news and will be reflecting on The Writer, giving you an insight into FRED the ALIEN Production’s stage debut!

The boys also want you to contribute to this week’s Popcorn Culture segment. They want to know your preference:

If you had a choice, would you rather live in an utopian or dystopian future? Do you prefer watching of reading one or the other? Which is the extreme of your choice?

Let Michael and Phillip know your thoughts and reasons by commenting below using #askFRED.

In the meantime, have your Friday Nights @ FRED’s binge on SoundCloud and remember to rate and review us on iTunes. 👽

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