FN@F Update – The LISTERnator Takes Over!

fnf-ep-27Two days ago, we reported that Friday Nights @ FRED’s would not be broadcast on Friday, 16 September. Little did we know that while the FRED the ALIEN team were busy with their stage debut, producing The Writer for Melbourne Fringe and The Boardwalk Republic, the LISTERnator had broken into FRED’s Shed and put out a podcast of his own. (We are discussing whether or not to press charges.)

Here’s the LISTERnator’s take on Nerdy News and everything else pop culture―including his love for Batman and anti-nerd tirade. Prepare yourself for the cyborg’s most epic rant!

CLICK HERE to listen to Friday Nights @ FRED’s #27―Featuring the LISTERnator!

Friday Nights @ FRED’s returns back to normal on 23 September evening… we hope! And if you’re missing Kendall, Michael, and Phillip, have your Friday Nights @ FRED’s binge and remember to rate and review us on iTunes.

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