FN@F 19 August 2016 Broadcast Update

FN@F Difficulties

Cornetto TrilogyDue to circumstances beyond our control (Kendall is waiting for Michael and Phillip to stop blaming one another), Friday Nights @ FRED’s was not uploaded on its scheduled and advertised time of Friday, 19 August evening on SoundCloud.

A technical difficulty resulted in unusable audio for the podcast, preventing the scheduled Facebook and Twitter share on Saturday, 20 August, and subsequent highlights videos on YouTube.

We have rectified the problem and Friday Nights @ FRED’s will return to its usual schedule across our online platforms.

In the meantime, feel free to have your FN@F binge! Rate and review us on iTunes and participate in our audience question of the week by commenting below:

Which hive mind would you rather be a part of? Would you be a Zombie, a member of the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance and Associates, or part of The Network?

Listen to Friday Nights @ FRED’s on Friday evening to hear Kendall, Michael, and Phillip’s pop culture news and views.

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