Help fund ‘The Writer’ and score a perk or two!

Elizabeth and Geoffrey - broken picture

Elizabeth (Kerrie Gee) and Geoffrey (Michael R. Lister) were happy once.

FRED the ALIEN is excited to be making our stage debut at Gasworks Arts Park in September 2016!

For four nights only, The Writer will concurrently form part of Melbourne Fringe and the Boardwalk Republic. This original black comedy centres on the degenerating mental health of Geoffrey (Michael R. Lister), a playwright and single father whose life is changed with the reintroduction of his ex, Elizabeth (Kerrie Gee), and her desire to get to know the son she abandoned seven years ago (David McNamara).

In order to do justice to the material and produce the best show we can, FRED the ALIEN is looking for backers and supporters to help fund The Writer. To thank you for your contribution, we’ve lined up a number of perks and rewards, including front-row tickets to the show and exclusive merchandise.

To learn more about The Writer and how you can help support independent theatre, click on the link below and remember to like, follow, and subscribe to our social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

Upsell butoon

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