Bonus Content—’Michael and Phillip Are Getting Married in the Morning’ for Midsumma

Bonus Content!

CLICK HERE to read an interview with writer/director Wayne Stellini.

Ryan Stewart, Bayne Bradshaw, and Hayden Gridley in a warm-up improvisation exercise.

Bayne Bradshaw and Hayden Gridley blending scene rehearsal and improvisation into one.

Jeffrey Bryant Jones, Anna Reardon, Ben Campbell, and Bayne Bradshaw rehearsing a pivotal scene.

Jeffrey Bryant Jones and Bayne Bradshaw rehearse the play’s most dramatic moment.

Stars Bayne Bradshaw and Ryan Stewart as featured in the Maribyrnong Leader (page 3). (Published: Tuesday, 19 December 2017. Copy reproduced by FRED the ALIEN Production for clarity.)

Bayne Bradshaw and Anna Reardon as Michael and Tally, posing for set dressing.

Ben Campbell and Bayne Bradshaw having fun as brothers Blaine and Michael.

Bayne Bradshaw, filming the teaser trailer.

Ryan Stewart, filming the teaser trailer.

CLICK BELOW to hear Ryan Stewart chat about FRED the ALIEN Productions’s original comedy Michael and Phillip Are Getting Married in the Morning for Midsumma, as well as his all-time favourite Eurovision performance and… umm… Nickelback.

Original broadcast: Thursday, January 11, 2018 on Joy 94.9. (Edited for clarity and style by FRED the ALIEN Productions.)

CLICK BELOW to see the teaser trailer for Michael and Phillip Are Getting Married in the Morning!

CLICK HERE to see an extensive collection of photos showcasing Michael and Phillip Are Getting Married in the Morning‘s social media presence leading up to and during Midsumma 2018.







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