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Director’s Diary

Means Happy Interview with Actor Ben K. Ronec

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House Music

The house music for the stage play What Ever Happened to Jeremy Baxter?, which introduces a number of recurring codes and sets up the plot, is the sound of an analogue radio changing from one station to another; a mix of music, static, talkback, and news reports.

Listen to it here:

Spoken performers (in order of appearance): Wayne Stellini (Talkback Radio Host / Maltese Speaker / Models’ Death Reporter), Phillip Hunting (Toula), Kirsten Shanahan (Factory Explosion Reporter), Kendall Richardson (Budapest Reporter / Crossing Live to Ethan Baxter Reporter), and Fulya Kantarmaci (Turkish News Reporter) | Edited by Wayne Stellini | All music used is copyright and royalty free.

Means Happy Interview with Actor Ryan Stewart

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Crew Interview


Phillip Hunting chats with writer/director Wayne Stellini and producer/stage manager Fulya Kantarmaci about bringing What Ever Happened to Jeremy Baxter? to the Midsumma Festival, as well as the show run itself.

Original broadcast: 4 February 2019

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Behind the Scenes

CLICK HERE to have a look behind the scenes, including some backstage shenanigans from actor Ryan Stewart!

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